Having My dessert and consuming it: What It is want to be an Asexual Sex Worker

I will best explain my feelings towards intercourse by what i love to phone the carrot dessert analogy

I’ve been sex that is doing since January 2018. Specifically, we create nude livestreams of myself that users must spend to view, and I also carry on in-person dates in return for cash. I’m additionally asexual.

In my experience, my asexuality means we don’t experience sexual attraction. Practically speaking, what this means is I primarily draw motivation from my professional commitment rather than any kind of desire to have sex with other people that I can have sex and leverage my sex appeal for work, but.

I will most useful describe my feelings towards intercourse in what i love to call the carrot dessert analogy: I don’t have desire to consume carrot dessert, but there’s no reason why We can’t or why We wouldn’t, aside from the reality that We don’t have actually a strong want to consume it. I’m able to understand just why others would like to consume it and I also genuinely believe that individuals who desire to consume it must be in a position to. There’s nothing inherently bad or good about attempting to consume carrot dessert or otherwise not; it’s just a choice.

In this context, intercourse, or consuming carrot dessert, is however an art and craft me do so that I have and there are people who would pay money to watch.

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