The things I’ve discovered from being employed as a Lesbian Escort

“Straight ladies who’ve never really had homointercourseual intercourse usually would like to try every thing at the same time. One 2nd they would like to eat you out, the following they may be standing here having a strap-on.”

this article initially showed up on VICE Netherlands.

I was nevertheless in university once I destroyed my job that is part-time in medical house. We knew that whatever my next work will be, it needed to be versatile and it also had in order to make me personally a ton of money within a brief period of time. That is the way I wound up being employed as an escort. We’d worked being a dancer that is burlesque Amsterdam before, thus I was not a complete complete stranger towards the intercourse industry together with been drawn to the entire world that surrounds it.

Being homosexual, i needed to the office for a company where we’d just have intercourse with females. But during the right time, we truthfully don’t determine if lesbian-only escort agencies existed. I mightnot have minded doing work for a frequent agency, but We knew that i did not have much to offer a man—I’m maybe not interested in guys and I also’ve never ever had sex with one, therefore making them spend to possess intercourse beside me seemed a little unjust, and I also’m confident I would personallynot have experienced that comfortable either.

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