Although a lot of people now access the census on line, and never on microfilm, census sources continue to be extremely useful

11. The nationwide Archives sources for censuses

Search machines on web sites vary, in addition they also can alter in the long run, nevertheless the original National Archives recommendations never change. From a different site, or from some other source if you have a full reference, you can use it to find a page on or on, even if you have obtained it. This will be specially helpful whenever an individual can be located utilizing title search using one web site, yet not on another, as a result of variations in transcription.

You might find census references quoted in publications and articles, and you may must also understand how to use them if you’re consulting our online and street that is hard-copy (see area 4.2).

A census guide has three main elements; a division (page) rule, a set quantity, and a bit quantity. The department and show codes for every census are year:

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