Less Intercourse, More Body Fat: Why You Ought To Get Some Rest

Having written obsessively about rest starvation, I happened to be wanting to be further educated in the topic at a written guide book celebration for how come Men Fall Asleep After Intercourse? by Dr. Billy Goldberg and Mark Leyner — the follow-up with their shock best-seller how come Men Have Nipples? during the ongoing party, held at Pravda in Soho and hosted by Best lifetime magazine, we attempted to obtain the lowdown on post-coital crashing from a team of guys I happened to be conversing with.

“Men fall asleep because ladies do not develop into a pizza,” Dave Zinczenko said with a grin. He should be aware of exactly just exactly what he is speaking about since their book that is new out in September, is guys, prefer and Intercourse: the whole User’s Guide for females. Then again among the Nipple writers, the good medical practitioner, explained the actual reason: a chemical cocktail of hormones and glandular secretions, including oxytocin, known while the “cuddling hormone,” that will be released after orgasm. In accordance with Goldberg and Leyner, “in one research oxytocin had been demonstrated to prevent male sexual behavior in prairie voles.” I did not pursue the concern of precisely what sort of researcher will be studying the intercourse life of meadow mice. Perhaps when it comes to next guide.

Needless to say, men and women discharge exactly the same post-climax hormones, so just why may be the after-sex snooze more of a trait that is male? Based on the writers, it’s because — cover your ears dudes — ladies don’t have orgasms during always intercourse, thus, do not constantly launch the sleep-inducing hormones.

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