Breasts, cancer tumors, and relationships: changing attitudes in main and eastern European countries

Pawel Walewski

Cancer of the breast impacts in the method a lady views by by by herself as well as on exactly how she is seen by her partner and society generally speaking. It’s getting easier to generally share, but are these conversations additionally taking place in main and eastern European countries? Pawel Walewski reports.

Whenever Magda discovered she had cancer of the breast, she felt it couldn’t have occurred at a worse time. She ended up being coming up to 30, and had recently parted methods along with her fiancй. “My first thought had been that i’d lose my breast with no guy would check me personally ever again. I became planning to just forget about intercourse completely.”

Magda lives in Warsaw, Poland. She had been right about losing the breast – in reality she wound up having both her breasts eliminated. She herself was wrong, nevertheless, in what the increasing loss of her breasts designed for her leads of future relationships.

A couple of years they got married, and started a family on she met Peter and. Access to expert counselling permitted them to truly have the discussion about how exactly he felt about her human human body, and assisted build the trust that is mutual self- self- confidence this is certainly a vital foundation for almost any relationship.

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