For years, the egg industry has looked for a grail that is holy to a vexing issue: what you should do with male chicks.

the foodstuff and Agriculture Organization associated with UN (FAO) estimates there are many more than 6 billion commercial laying hens global, most of which (needless to say) are female. But approximately as much men are created as hens—and they’re considered useless, simply because they can’t lay eggs. What you should do with a few billion infant roosters?

The standard industry solution, at the least for the time being, happens to be to cull them en masse. In the event that you’ve never ever heard about “chick culling,” it is just what it appears like: new male chicks are usually euthanized within hours of the delivery. Some hatcheries suffocate their males that are day-old skin tightening and, a procedure which takes way too long most ponder over it not practical and inhumane.

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