In hopes and dreams, I’ve been french-kissed by sardonic newswoman Linda Ellerbee

We don’t know very well what this all means. Part of me personally simply would like to get back to old trusty Lynda Carter/Wonder girl and Julie Newmarr/Catwoman dreams before we end up in a threeway with Florence Henderson and F. Murray Abraham.

Ugh, totally. It absolutely was James Gandolfini, through the run of “The Sopranos,” and I thought he had been actually sexy, and I also dreamt in that office (was it at a car place?) and I said no, because I had a boyfriend that he(as Tony, I think?) propositioned me. Therefore, obviously, whenever I woke up I happened to be actually angry all the time, because i possibly could have experienced dream-sex with Tony Soprano as opposed to being dream-faithful with a man I most likely couldn’t pick away from a police lineup now.

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